Project Description

Prenatal & Parenting Education

Aspire offers prenatal education, childbirth education classes and parenting classes. Our Earn While You Learn (EWYL) Program is an educational one-to-one education program focusing on building a quality relationship of mutual respect, which leads to the client’s personal development, responsibility, knowledge and judgment.  This program is for both men and women.  This is an incentive-based program, so clients “earn” boutique bucks while they learn about pre and post-natal care, positive life choices, discipline/parenting techniques, and practical life skills.  Then they can spend their boutique bucks to buy things in the boutique. We offer classes in:

  • Appropriate Milestones/Expectations for Children 0-2 Years Old
  • Parenting/Discipline
  • Relationship Classes
  • Financial Education
  • Childbirth Education
  • Breastfeeding
  • Prenatal/Pregnancy – What to Expect
  • Emotional Bonding
  • How to Handle a Difficult Baby/Child
  • Toddlers (Potty Training, Tantrums, Sleeping, etc..)


Help the young families in our community be the best Moms and Dads possible. We want our families and children in Pagosa Springs to THRIVE!