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All of our EQUIP classes and coaching, pregnancy testing and ultrasounds are free and our medical services are affordable for everyone. Our generous donors help us provide these services so that no one in our community needs to delay prenatal care or postpone pregnancy -related medical services due to financial reasons. We do bill Medicaid and insurance for some of our prenatal care services to help offset costs. However, we ensure that everyone gets the care they need regardless of income. We also offer a sliding scale based on income. DOWNLOAD OUR SLIDING SCALE APPLICATION

WHEN SHOULD I TAKE A PREGNANCY TEST?2017-10-19T21:28:10+00:00

While it can be possible to receive accurate results before missing a menstrual cycle, pregnancy tests are most accurate after missing a month’s menstrual cycle.

WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS IF I’M PREGNANT?2017-10-19T21:31:02+00:00

Once you have a verified pregnancy, you have three options to consider: parenting, adoption and abortion. Finding out you are pregnant can cause a wide-range of emotions, so we encourage you to talk to a family member or friend you trust. Our staff is more than willing to discuss your options with you. No one should be pressured into making a decision about her pregnancy. We want to provide a safe place for you to make the healthiest decision possible.

HOW WILL I RECEIVE MY TEST RESULTS?2019-05-15T18:40:14+00:00

You will receive your pregnancy test results at the time of your appointment. STI results will be available shortly following your test, so we will schedule a follow-up appointment for you at the time of your testing.

WHICH STI’S DO YOU TEST FOR, AND HOW DO YOU TEST?2017-10-19T21:21:17+00:00

We test for the two most common STIs, chlamydia and gonorrhea, and they are both tested with simple urine samples, so no blood work is necessary. Many times these two infections have no symptoms, so you can be infected and not even know it. They are so prevalent that the Centers for Disease Control recommend that every sexually active person between the ages of 15 and 24 get tested at least once a year.


Because STI and pregnancy testing can often lead to a wide range of follow-up discussions, we encourage all of our clients to talk to a family member or friend that they trust. If you choose, you may bring them to the appointment. However, because of the Sexual Health Reproductive laws in Colorado, we are able to provide full testing and treatment to you without parental consent. We pride ourselves in making your health and confidentiality our top priority.


STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) and STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) are often used interchangeably. Medically, infections are called diseases when they begin to cause symptoms; however, it is common for people to use the term STD even when there are no symptoms.

SHOULD I GET TESTED FOR STI’S?2017-10-19T21:19:54+00:00

The Centers for Disease Control recommends STI/STD testing any time you have had new or multiple sex partners. There are four types of sex that can put you at risk for contracting an STI: mutual masturbation, oral sex, vaginal sex and anal sex. Many infections may not cause symptoms but can still be passed between partners. Also remember that while condoms may reduce the risk of getting pregnant or contracting an STI/STD, even if used consistently and correctly each and every time, they cannot provide 100% protection.

DO YOU OFFER SERVICES FOR MEN?2017-10-19T21:19:07+00:00

Yes! We recognize that an unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming for the man involved. Even a planned pregnancy can cause some feelings of concern. In the same way that we offer advocacy services for pregnant women, we offer all these services for their partners. In addition to meeting with a Men’s Advocate, the father of the baby can be present for the ultrasound (with the female client’s consent). We offer many classes geared specifically towards men as well as classes that expectant parents can attend together. We also offer STI testing and treatment for men.

DO YOU PROVIDE PLAN B?2017-10-19T21:18:30+00:00

We do not provide emergency contraception (Plan B, the Morning After Pill, etc.); however, we can discuss how it works and possible side-effects of its usage. For more information, call (970) 264-5963 and ask to speak to the clinic manager.

DO YOU PROVIDE BIRTH CONTROL?2019-08-20T22:03:26+00:00

We do not provide birth control at our office.

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