Project Description

EQUIP: Parenting Education & Coaching

 In the first few years of life, more than 1 million new neural connections are formed every second. These are the connections that build brain architecture – the foundation upon which all later learning, behavior, and health depend. That is why it is important for everyone – parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors – to help kids develop and start on a path to success.

Aspire offers parenting education focused on pregnancy through the first few years of a child’s life. In addition, we provide childbirth education classes, positive parenting classes, relationship classes, and financial classes. Aspire EQUIP programs seek to empower relationships between parents and children so that caregivers are knowledgeable, responsive and interact effectively with and on behalf of children.  This program is for both men and women.  This is an incentive-based program, so clients “earn” boutique bucks while they learn about pre and post-natal care, positive life choices, discipline/parenting techniques, and practical life skills.  Then they can spend their boutique bucks to buy things in our boutique such as diapers, wipes, baby clothing up to size 2T, equipment and other supplies. Here are just some of our parenting programs:

  • BrightCourse digital and in-person classes on a full range of topics from prenatal care to toddlers, milestones, relationships, life choices, finances, discipline, and more. These can be delivered in person with a coach, online via text/Email or in a group setting. Email Renee at if you would like to sign up. All classes are free. VIEW CLASS LIST
  • Positive Parenting Program – 8 classes with specific instruction on how to bring out the best in your child from baby to three years old. Strategies on understanding behavior, mindfulness and support. We are currently enrolling parents for the next class starting on July 13th. SPACES ARE LIMITED so call Toni at 970-264-5963 to sign up. VIEW FLYER
  • Growing Brain from Zero to Three: 21 hours of Zoom or in-person instruction on factors affecting brain development, social-emotional development, understanding behavior, language development and understanding play to educate caregivers and parents on how young children reach their developmental potential.
  • Mentoring/Social Connection with one of our coaches
  • Bright by Three materials for ongoing education and parenting tips
  • Men’s Classes on the Role of a Father, Authentic Manhood, and Practical Fatherhood to encourage men to be an active and supportive father to their kids regardless of relationship status with the mother of their child
  • Co-Parenting and Step-parenting Curriculum




Help the young families in our community be the best Moms and Dads possible. We want our families and children in Pagosa Springs to THRIVE!